Страноведение в схемах: эволюция британской литературы

На схеме отражен обзор главных авторов и произведений британской литературы более чем за 1300 лет. Многие культовые книги и их анализ можно найти по хэштегу #literature@olymp_eng

Folks, here we’ve got something special for you. When we were only embarking on our olympiad journey, little did we (or at least I) know that besides grammar and vocabulary, we would need to know something about American and English history, politics, music, and literature. To help you not fall victims of the same illusions and to tackle your challenges better equipped with such knowledge, we have prepared a comprehensive overview of the English literature over the past 1300 years.

Attached herewith you will find a smaller picture to give you an idea of what we’ve prepared and a document with so big a picture you can print it out and replace your good old One Direction posters.